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"Welcome to the first alabaster donut farm! Take a tour and make yourself right at home." 

- found near crash site.

Download what remains of this place, the recordings we've been left with. Listen as a robot and a denim spaceship fall into each other and the galaxy begins to forget its furthest outposts.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Experimental, non-binary, Point & Click, Romance, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer, Space
Average sessionA few seconds


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I still think about this game a lot. Im not sure why, its not like its incredibly profound or anything. It just hits that perfect sweet spot between confusing dream and nonsense. It really feels like if i walked into an old surrealist painting.

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I mean, how I never thought about an abandonned donut farm ? Now I won’t stop thinking about it !

I wanted to screencap every seen with subtitles, they were all so beautiful, so nice composition. Here’s one I really could not not screencap

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I ran out of drugs, so I played this game instead.


This is a magical thing. There's such a quiet longing in each poem. I feel like I'm part of a romance even if I don't know with who or what. I was uncertain about the text-to-speech initially but the longer I played the more it felt entwined with the sense of belonging but still being outside. That's a nonsense statement, maybe; this factory sitting in a wasteland, remembering some connection, reflecting on its absurd existence - there's a deep sadness here for me, like whoever's talking is only ever being heard in half measures. I love it, I love the bizarre humor mixed with moments of profound introspection, it's unlike anything I've played. I need to spend more time with it to feel as if I actually understand it, but the 1 & 1/2 playthroughs I did (accidentally ended it earlier the first time) were wonderful.


Beyond garbage is way too harsh but this does have severe control issues. The mouse turn sensitivity is through the roof (seemed fine on the menu screen) as I basically had to move the mouse the smallest amount possible to have anything resembling fine movement as what would be a slow turn in any other game of this type would cause me to spin wildly here. If pressing left or right (or in my case A or D) let me strafe it may have been easier to work around, but having them also turn (also a bit too quickly) didn't really offer much of a benefit. The larger concept you were going for here was fine enough, but the actual experience of going through it was kind of a pain sadly.

In the future if you were to make another game similar to this and wanted to stick with a similar control scheme I'd recommend tweaking the sensitivity and controls a good deal or at least including an option to adjust mouse or turn sensitivity on the player's end.

thanks for the feedback and suggestions. yeah seems like a problem with the control sensitivity a few people have had, I just didn't pick up on it as it was tailored to my set up I guess. Yeah have planned to implement some sensitivity controls, but since it's a hobby project it's about finding the time. hope one day you'll be able to play as intended!

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It's SUPER buggy for me. I literally cannot play it at all. Will not let me look at or move towards the structure. Camera slams directly up or directly down if I try to look at the structure, and character starts spinning rapidly if I try to walk towards it. 

oops, my bad. Can I ask how you're playing? The in-build sensitivity settings aren't very sophisticated so I think it might have something to do with that.

I'm using a mouse and keyboard and running windows 

okay, that's how I run it too. Is the load screen hypersensitive too? Also since it's got tank controls, something is perhaps messing up and mapping a left/right key to ur forwards key. Sorry about the problems.

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I don't remember any issues with the load screen, and I seemed to maneuver fine while looking/walking away from the main structure. I can try it again if you want more specific info? I'm not sure about the right-left mapping though, because it was also forcing me to look straight up or down when trying to look directly at the structure. I don't think I was moving at the time, but I'm not sure. Also, no worries. Thank you for the prompt response :)

Im not really sure what this was about


me neither tbh. lots of stuff


Awesome lmao


Beautiful game!  The atmosphere is wonderful and the farm feels truly desolate, but also peaceful.  The story of the donuts feels like nonsense at first but begins to come together more as you progress.  The dialogue ranges from absurd, to cute, to sad, to funny, sometimes in just a few lines.  Well done!  Truly, you have earnes the coveted title of the game that goes "beyond garbage".  

I did a playthrough of the game as well, if anyone wants to experience it with me.  Vid is here:


I want donuts and a denim spaceship now...

I made a gameplay of this, if you would like to experience this "beyond garbage" with me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZPQCBldq_U


gimme that garbage.


This isn't merely "beyond garbage" it transcends garbage. :D 

In all honesty I really enjoyed it, wonderfully atmospheric and I really love the look of it. Lots of interesting themes to dissect, some more obscure than others. I need to try listening to them in order! 

"Invite all the vegetables!"

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Came here for the "beyond garbage" recommandation but ended up playing a game I liked. Am I garbage too? Only donuts will know.

That's a very odd but interesting farm to visit :D. Really loved records 3 and 1. 1 actually made me laugh out loud!

Controls are a bit too sensitive in my opinion and my computer got a bit laggy when I started wandering the big desert. But I felt like it got better while I was progressing so it's all good for me hehe.

Also really loved how the game ended. Just like the end of a lullaby. Oh and talking about lullaby I really loved the music! It made me feel very nostalgic somehow.

Thank you for the nice trip!


Beyond garbage. I can't believe you put a price tag on this.

Less than five minute game

Control sensitivity is off the charts and the left and right keys turn rather than strafe.

The text to speech thing is lazy. Either do it yourself, or pay somebody to do it. Also, you might as well have the voices continue on after you're done clicking on the object, so the players can explore and walk around while listening to this.

I have a strange feeling this is only way you could get people to read your poetry


I'll take "beyond garbage", now that's a recommendation!! Would love the money to pay someone to do it, maybe that's why I put a price tag on it? You'd be good at feedback if you chilled the fuck out. 


nice game i really enjoy it also it's so relaxing :) :D!


This is beautiful. The environment has this vibe of those old episodes of the twilight zone where it's just one or two actors alone in a set in the desert. Every couple of lines there would be something really honest or funny I found myself taking screenshots so I could save my favorite quotes. I love this little world!


thank you so much!! really love those old sci-fi/mystery dramas so it must have bled through 🍩