A downloadable game for Windows

A labyrinth with hidden rules. 

After you find yourself here, they demand to know you. They want things of you.

Make it out alive.

AfterglowGames. 2021.

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DoIKnowYouV1.3_Win.zip 72 MB

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By far the weirdest game I've ever played, don't even know what to do


High Strangeness. I love it! It's always the weird ones that make for some good entertainment!

is the bottom of the screen supposed to look like it's cut off? i keep feeling like i'm missing something 😳

nope, that's not meant to be. It's meant to be 4:3. gotta update that.

excited to!! imteract!! once the update rolls in. i've spent like the past 2-3 hours entranced with this videogame :- ) 💌

just patched something. download again and should work better now. only supports 4:3 hopefully.

the bottom of the screen is still cut off after an un + reinstall!

oh dang!! Okay, hmmm... I think i got what it's doing now. Download the incoming update.


i was able to fix it by manually changing my computer's display resolution to 4:3, but the biggest 4:3 my computer will let me select is 1024x768. hopefully you can figure out how to fix it from the game's end, but this will do for me for now,, i'm heading back 2 the maze . . . 

Deleted 70 days ago

okay. That's the biggest the screen is meant to be anyhow.


Impressive and unique visuals! 
All I can say is that the game reminded me of H.P. Lovecraft and it did have the same eeriness to it, otherworldly sounds and ambience. However, some aspects of the game need more work, overall, it's amazing game. Definitely worth anyone's time. 
Excellent job, developer.  

thanks! really glad you enjoyed it. 


weird game

thanks for playing!