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A demo for an ongoing interactive project about the history of narcolepsy, seen through the lens of those who discovered it, and those who have tried to treat it, exploring the knock on effects of those attempts. 

A project trying to find the histories and ghosts of a chronic disorder, created by a person with narcolepsy.

This demo takes you to an abstracted 19th century medical clinic in central Paris, owned and run by Dr. Jean Baptiste-Édouard Gélineau, the first person to recognise narcolepsy as a distinct disorder and to give it its name. Featuring an atmospheric poetry garden.

Further expansion of this project aims to investigate the American amphetamine addiction crisis of the 30's onwards, and Stanford's narcoleptic dog labs.

All support and feedback is greatly appreciated. 


Demo_v2.zip 143 MB


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Finally!! A game which suits the theme for this jam:


Thanks for the inspiration!! Hopefully your submission to Dream Jam will touch upon similar themes with equally exquisite attention to detail!